The Autopilot Partner Affiliate Program has officially launched

Autopilot in Autopilot software on 5th of Sep 2019

The Autopilot Partner Affiliate Program

Partners Assemble!

It is with great excitement, a touch of jubilation, and no small measure of pride that today we announce the launch of our Partner Affiliate Program.

We’re releasing this Program as the first step in a robust partner program to foster and develop beneficial, ongoing relationships between our business and our greatest advocates. Free to join, the Program offers a 30% recurring commission on new business referred to Autopilot, as well as access to a Partner community and ever-expanding resource centre.

The Autopilot advantage

We think we’re pretty great and we work hard to ensure our customers agree. For those new to Autopilot, we’re a visual marketing software for automating customer journeys. We help thousands of businesses around the world acquire, nurture, and grow customers using a fun, intuitive, drag and drop canvas. And our built-in integrations to popular tools like Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot CRM, Segment, Twilio, Slack, Google, and Facebook connect today’s marketers and businesses with the robust suite of best-of-breed tools they know and love to consequently do more, faster.

About our Program

Affiliates typically take the form of marketing agencies or marketing experts providing advice and guidance online. In both instances, they exist to help businesses grow. The Autopilot Partner Affiliate Program enables Autopilot Affiliates to leverage the product for the benefit of those businesses, with proper training, resources, and ongoing support, and to take advantage of the incentives attached to it.

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Benefits at a glance

1. Earn commission on new business referrals

Receive a 30% commission on the recurring revenue derived from new customers you bring to us.

2. Join the Partner Community

Open to all partners, the Autopilot Partner Community connects partners to assist in troubleshooting and understanding ‘best practice’ in using Autopilot and associated apps. As part of the Community, Affiliates also receive more timely, more detailed communications that enable them to feel like a true ‘partner.’ This is achieved through a monthly Partner Community newsletter, access to the community Facebook group, and access to an Affiliate Program representative. In certain circumstances, an Implementation Specialist for demo and sales assistance may also be provided.

3. Referral Kit (including exclusive access to our Partner Resource Centre)

With the Referral Kit, Affiliates are better ‘armed’ to articulate the benefits of Autopilot to potential customers. The Referral Kit includes access to the ever-expanding Partner Resource Centre, enabling continued learning and the ability to better onboard new customers with key automations by industry. In providing both training and sales resources, the barriers to promoting Autopilot are broken down.

4. A Partner Dashboard

With the initial Partner Dashboard, you’ll be able to see your referrals, track your commission, and access the Referral Kit and Partner Resource Centre.

5. Access to occasional, limited-time coupons

From time to time, Affiliates may be invited to offer discount coupons that provide preferential rates for Autopilot products and services. In certain circumstances, bespoke coupons can be created at the Affiliate’s request.


Whilst we hope everyone is interested in joining in, to be eligible for the Partner Affiliate Program we do have the following criteria:

  1. That you have an Autopilot subscription;
  2. A PayPal account (that we can pay the commission to);
  3. Sufficient experience using Autopilot to enable you to understand the benefits to customers; and
  4. The ability to provide a link to Autopilot on your website or blog.

Apply today

Don’t delay, dawdle, or dilly dally. Head to our Partners Page to read more, or click this link to jump straight to the application form.

Remember, it’s free to join - you just need to have an active Autopilot subscription.

We are very excited to partner with you and look forward to working together.

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