Here are 5 digital marketing trends to watch out for during 2019

Matt Geary in Growth hacking on 24th of Dec 2018
Digital marketing trends in 2019

Digital marketing trends in 2019

Digital marketing is now more important than ever. Almost every consumer on the planet is connected to an online space, whether it’s on mobile, desktop or simply through a smart TV. Digital is so widespread that as marketers, it’s almost redundant to say “digital marketing,” since the internet is so ingrained in our work processes and daily lives.

Regardless, digital marketing still showcases trends and strategies that are distinct from traditional marketing approaches. These five digital marketing trends will strongly influence how companies advertise and do business going into 2019.

Trend #1: if content is still king, then distribution is queen

High-quality content is great and all, but ultimately useless without a strong distribution strategy.

The king: quality content

Regardless of the form it takes, audiences need good content in 2019 and beyond.

As an old friend once told me, you want to ooze value with your content — there has to be a reason for it to exist. Make sure you know who your audience are, and speak to them with content that entertains and informs.

The queen: distribution

You’ve put time and effort into creating fantastic content. Don’t let it fall on deaf ears!

There are three main avenues of distribution. The first two: owned and earned, are free.

  • Owned: post your content on social media, include it in your monthly newsletter or repurpose it within an email nurturing journey
  • Earned: encourage mentions, shares, reposts, or reviews of product on social media, review sites, and Google

The third avenue is paid, and as the name implies, it will cost you. Paid distribution is worthwhile for leveraging exposure of owned and earned content.

Distributing content through paid avenues like pay-per-click, display ads, retargeting campaigns, and paid influencers is useful for quicker wins that access a larger audience.

AI advances in natural language processing are more intuitive and organic than ever before. With virtual assistants gaining ground in households around the world, voice recognition is fast becoming a hot space for digital marketing.

With Comscore predicting that voice search will make up to 50% of online searches by 2020, getting ahead of the search game will be high on the list for many marketers. Learn more about how to optimize your website for voice search SEO.

Trend #3: leveraging advancements in technology

Technological advancements like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are already impacting digital marketing in a big way. Leading brands are using them to develop apps, integrate technologies, and design interactive advertisements. All these technologies, like the below AR example from Coca-Cola, will only become better over time.

New technology works well in marketing for several reasons:

  • Brands can “newsjack” and pioneer new technology, attracting free clicks and press
  • The interactivity of AR and VR is highly engaging
  • Audiences are keen to share fun or interesting technology with their social circles (see the video above)

Like many new trends, technological advancements (such as AR) seem novel at first. But imagine a future where you can use your phone to try on virtual shoes or tour a virtual house before making a purchase… the options are limitless and extremely exciting.

Trend #4: the brave new world of vertical videos

You may remember a time when people were chastised for taking vertical videos (i.e. upright or in portrait mode). That isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of mobile use, as well as social media channels like Snapchat, vertical is the new normal.

I’m not kidding — a recent study from Instagram found that over 75% of millennials watch videos vertically. Instagram’s global head of business, James Squires, commented to AdNews: “Marketers that are not good at vertical video, or are not doing it yet, [they] need to move fast.”

Trend #5: a shift to automated marketing

Marketing automation is taking off fast, and it’s no surprise with its track record. In 2018, 80% of marketing automation users increased their leads and 77% increased their conversions (Invespcro). Autonomous marketing tech also reduces manual, repetitive tasks — turning multi-channel marketing into a more manageable experience across countless customer touchpoints.

In 2019, marketing automation will cover:

  • Integration of best-of-breed software: brands can mix-and-match channels, platforms, and data sources without waste
  • Ability to focus on the customer journey: affordable technology for personalization across channels will be unlocked
  • Implementation of autonomous marketing: AI will make smart suggestions about what content to deliver to audiences at specific points in the customer journey
  • Predictive and automated lead scoring: brands will have more power to take action on customer data

If you aren’t using these trends in 2019, your competitors will be. So jump ahead of the pack and get ahead of your digital marketing game today.

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