How to strengthen customer relationships

Elizabeth Leigh in Growth hacking on 22nd of Nov 2018
market research surveys

Market research surveys

Customer relationships are your currency. Building strong customer relationships should be every marketer’s number one priority. To build a relationship from the ground up, you need to stop talking, posting and assuming without direction. Instead, you need to start listening.

A great way to get you listening is a market research survey. It’s just one of many steps you can take to ensure that you’re on the right path to customer success. Drawing insights into how your customers think and feel will help you deliver a solution that people love and keep coming back to.

However, market research that is not actioned is just a number. So, here are some tips on how to conduct a market research survey that will strengthen the relationship you have with your customers.

Define your objectives

Ask yourself the purpose of your market research survey. For example, do you want to receive feedback on a new product, understand the state of your industry or know how people feel about your brand? No matter what you’d like to know, ensure that you have a well-defined objective with one overarching question.

The objective of your survey is your starting point, and it helps to determine the rest of your market research strategy.

Outline the right audience

Based on your objectives, identify a target group of people to answer your question. Not everyone will engage with your survey, so to boost interaction find your most valuable customers. To send your survey to the right audience, filter your leads with Autopilot’s Segment integration. With this integration, you can send your survey to people who perform certain actions on your website, users who log-in most frequently or customers who gave you a high NPS.

Develop your questions

For the best results, create a survey that’s short, sweet and to the point. Acknowledge that your customer’s time is precious and don’t ask them everything under the sun. For market research, quantitative data outperforms qualitative data.

To collect valuable quantitative data, ask open-ended questions and avoid fixed answers. To find out exactly how people feel, allow survey respondents to answer in their own terms. For example instead of asking: “Do you like our new product?” (which elicits a “yes” or “no” response), ask: “What do you like/dislike about our new product?” This gives respondents the opportunity to provide a longer answer and give negative or positive feedback.

Once you’ve finalized your questions, arrange them in a logical order, so they scale from general to specific. You can also include logic jumps for people who give certain responses, so they don’t waste time answering questions that don’t apply to them.

Also, don’t forget to collect vital information like name, email address and phone number in case you need to follow-up with respondents or send them a thank-you gift.

Choose your survey wisely

Historically, people hate filling out forms. A staggering 81 percent of people abandon filling out a form in the first section. So, don’t make your survey feel like just another online form. Say goodbye to old forms and hello to conversational forms with Autopilot’s Typeform integration. With Typeform, you can create a form that speaks to your customers, just as you would in a natural conversation. Adding Typeform to a customer journey allows you to follow-up with people who respond to your market research survey and organize their feedback.

Find out how you can capture feedback directly from a survey submission with Autopilot’s customer journey template.

Promote your survey

The first step of promoting your survey is not calling it a market research survey. Be authentic with your customers and ask for their feedback, advice, opinion, etc. With a small sample size, test the promotion of your survey. Use an AB Split test to see what email subject lines work and review how long it takes for people to complete. If there’s a drop off rate after a specific question, your flow or language may need tweaking.

Give the right incentive

Research is a two-way street. Collecting market research is valuable to strengthening your relationship with your customers. Ensure that your customer’s information and personal opinion is valued by giving all respondents an incentive. This incentive could be a cash gift, product credit or discount.

However, sometimes the wrong incentive can cause more harm than good. So choose an incentive that seems right for the information you’re collecting. You may want to consider tying the incentive into your product. For example, give customers who respond to a product-related survey a one-month free subscription.

Action the results

Collect and organize your survey results so you can start actioning feedback. Sort your questions and responses into categories, highlight common themes and assign the right team members to review. You may want to consider creating a priority matrix to define what feedback you can action and how much time it will take to implement.

For customers who give great feedback (hint: these customers are your best asset), you may want to redefine them as a brand promoter. Add these respondents to a new customer journey and incentivize them for spreading the word about your brand.

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