Amazon advertisers will increase their use of marketing automation tools in 2019

Elizabeth Leigh in Marketing automation on 27th of Nov 2018
marketing automation for amazon

Marketing Automation for Amazon

Earlier this year, Amazon released its Q3 earnings to announce a 123% growth to $2.5 billion for the quarter. The online retailer is now the third largest digital ad seller in the US, outperforming Microsoft, and sitting just behind Google and Facebook (eMarketer).

For e-commerce marketers who have concentrated their ad spend on Google and Facebook, it’s now time to consider shifting focus and upping digital ad spend on Amazon. Next year marketing automation tools will not just be a nice-to-have to help marketers manage their ad campaigns, but they’ll be a necessity.

A study conducted by Third Door Media reveals that companies are increasing their ad spend on Amazon, and in 2019 plan to use marketing automation tools to run their campaigns. Within the next 12 months, 44% of marketers say they will increase how they use marketing automation and move on from traditional marketing tools. When compared to marketing automation software like Autopilot, traditional tools have limited capabilities and don’t offer a way to optimize the entire customer journey.

How to advertise on Amazon

The key strategy for marketers who are advertising on Amazon is to understand how customers make a purchase. Most purchases on Amazon are made from shoppers who are at the bottom of the funnel (Third Door Media). Therefore, marketers should create bottom of the funnel content to persuade prospects to make a purchase or take a specific action. It’s at this stage where a customer becomes a buyer.

When shoppers browse Amazon, most likely they’re already at the stage of knowing what they want to buy; it’s just a matter of finding the right item, at the right price. On Amazon, marketers should focus on designing ads that accelerate deals and instill brand confidence. Ads that are actionable and assertive will achieve higher results with shoppers who are ready to make a decision.

In 2019, Amazon advertisers are planning to increase their spend on the platform by 80%. With larger budgets allocated to advertising, it’s essential that marketers look towards optimizing every ad campaign with marketing automation software (Third Door Media).

Advertising with marketing automation tools

On average 51% of companies are currently using marketing automation tools to manage the customer journey (emailmonday). Automation tools like Autopilot are already producing marketers who are faster, smarter and better at their jobs. Next year, autonomous marketing will continue to improve the capabilities of marketers on every platform, including Amazon.

With marketing automation software, marketers can achieve the following:

According to VentureBeat, companies who use marketing automation software report an 80% increase in leads and a 77% increase in conversions. This software is not only to automate the customer journey and replace labor-intensive tasks but also to drive customer acquisition, retention and ROI.

Already, 22% of Amazon marketers are using marketing tools to manage their ad campaigns and by next year we should see almost two-thirds adopting the power of automation. To become a data-driven marketer, start implementing marketing automation software today.

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