Successfully market to your global audience

Autopilot in Growth hacking on 28th of Oct 2020
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Successfully market to your global audience

Do you know where your contacts are located?

If your company serves customers across the world, you’ll be familiar with sending your emails out in different timezones. But how do you know you’ve got the right timezone or location for each contact? Perhaps you collect this data when they sign up, or read their IP address to locate them in the world - why not be 100% sure and ask your contacts directly? Previously, we’ve covered how to schedule your sends based on location, but here we’ll take a look at how you can simply capture and filter your contacts by region.

Capture locations easily with this simple journey

This journey is designed to capture a contact’s region from an email and filter them with lists. This will ensure that you can correctly target them in all of your communications, based on their location. We’ve used a welcome email to encourage them to select the region that best suits them, and used Smart Segments with UTM parameters to recognise their click in the email.

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