The Love Boat Guide to Customer Engagement [Infographic]

Brian on 27th of Oct 2015

The Love Boat Guide to Customer Engagement [Infographic]

All aboard! Today we set sail for the land of customer admiration. Along the way you’ll discover our latest research findings showing the keys to marketing success: personalization, mutual expectations, and great communication. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey…. The Loveboat Guide to Customer Engagement Infographic

**Data points to tweet


  • Two-thirds of consumers believe timely responses are the most important factor of modern marketing. Tweet this.

  • 61% of consumers expect brands to demonstrate expert knowledge and support. Tweet this.

  • 49% of consumers want marketing that is personalized to their interests and demographics. Tweet this.

  • Readers are twice as likely to respond to an email if they feel a personal connection to the sender. Tweet this.

  • Personalized promotions get 4x the results than generic offers. Tweet this.

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