SMS Marketing

Cut through the noise and directly target your customers on the device they use the most - their smartphones.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing automation

Until now, marketers have relied on developers to help them automate SMS messaging. With Autopilot, you can easily drag and connect shapes to create text messaging sequences in just a few minutes. Cut through the noise and directly target your customers on the device they use the most - their smartphones.

SMS marketing with Autopilot

On average, people look at their mobile phone 85 times per day. So, what does that mean for SMS marketing? SMS open rates stand at 82 percent, giving people who use text message marketing a leg over the competition. SMS campaigns open opportunities for marketers to optimize their ads for a mobile experience and deliver quick content and mass text messages that can be digested by the customer in seconds.
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Capture new leads with text to opt-in

Drive lead acquisition and start automated SMS conversations when someone texts a keyword to a number. Try it for yourself by texting “Hello” to (415) 877-9922.


Send SMS with ease

All plans include 250 free SMS messages per month. Connect your Twilio account to unlock higher volumes and advanced functionality like custom phone numbers and shortcodes.


Build SMS journeys on a visual drag and drop canvas

Send personalized SMS communications using a simple builder that’s seamlessly connected to your existing marketing data, channels and tools.


Collect information

Ask questions like: “What’s your email address?” Then capture SMS replies and save data to the contact’s profile to use later.


Personalize based on replies

Reply outcomes allow you to change the conversation or take action based on how a contact replies to your SMS. For example, if they answer “Yes” or “No.”


Build bot-like experiences

Use SMS to design automated conversations to answer common questions. It’s like an assistant that helps you qualify leads, gather feedback or deliver support.

Autopilot’s SMS functionality has helped us create a personalized experience for our customers on the channel they use the most. This feature is changing the game for marketers!

Cam MacKugler, CEO and Founder