Headsup + Forms + Sendgrid integration

Use Autopilot to create journeys that use the Headsup, Forms and Sendgrid integrations.


Marketing Automation ideas to integrate Headsup, Forms and Sendgrid.

Form Submitted to Has Submitted Form to Show Headsup Message

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Form Submitted to Check Headsup Status to Send Sendgrid Transactional Email

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Form Submitted to Show Headsup Message to Send Sendgrid Transactional Email

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Form Submitted to Send Sendgrid Transactional Email to Show Headsup Message

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About the Headsup integration

Display personalized, timely messages to people that visit your website, landing pages, store, blog, knowledge base or app. Acquire new subscribers, capture replies, and create beautiful call to actions to nudge people in the right direction.

About the Forms integration

Autopilot's form capture is magical. Simply drop our tracking code to capture submissions of your existing forms without lifting another finger. Then automatically add new leads and subscribers to your journeys to ensure no one is left behind.

About the Sendgrid integration

SendGrid is a proven, cloud-based customer communication platform that drives engagement and business growth. SendGrid is a leader in email deliverability and its proven, cloud-based platform successfully delivers over 30 billion emails each month for Internet and mobile-based customers like Airbnb, Pandora, HubSpot, Spotify, Uber and FourSquare as well as more traditional enterprises like Intuit and Costco.

Create your own marketing automation journey

Using Triggers, Actions and Conditions included in the Headsup integration, Forms integration and the Sendgrid integration.

Journey Triggers

Form Submitted
Add a contact to a journey when they submit a form.


Check Headsup Status
Check whether a contact has interacted with a Headsup message in a specific way (e.g. opened or responded).
Has Submitted Form
Check if a contact has previously submitted a specific form.

Journey Actions

Show Headsup Message
Show a contact a personalized message on a website, landing page, blog or inside an app.
Send Sendgrid Transactional Email
Send a transactional email from Sendgrid.

What is Autopilot?

Simple and visual customer journey marketing software you’ll love.

Automate your marketing & grow your business. With Autopilot follow up new leads, nurture existing leads, send messages on every channel and automate your marketing with simple and visual customer journey marketing software. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping Triggers, Actions and Conditions to automate your marketing. Best of all Autopilot integrates and automates the applications you’re already using like Headsup, Forms and Sendgrid.