Prevent customer churn by alerting your team of at-risk customers

Preventing churn is critical for SaaS products. Changes in user behavior (for example, decreased product usage) can often signal a potential risk of churn. With Autopilot and Trello you can take action when these changes in behavior occur.

About this template

Every SaaS (software as a service) company wants to reduce churn. This journey makes it easy to do so. It will automatically populate a Trello board with at-risk customers, making it simple to action a follow up based on the churn risk. Additionally, Slack and email alerts will ensure that your team takes swift action to minimize the churn of at-risk customers.
Tags: Customer Retention, Success with Autopilot, Software as a Service (SaaS), and B2B Marketing
Integrations: Trello, Slack

About Autopilot

Marketing automation helps you stay closer to your customers and saves you time by removing manual and repetitive tasks. Autopilot’s marketing automation software is the easiest way to automate and personalize your marketing across the entire customer journey. Using Triggers, Actions and Conditions design highly personal and contextual marketing automation journeys. Autopilot’s marketing automation software is free for 30 days and plans start at just $49/month.

Shapes used in this journey


Smart Segment Trigger
Add contacts on a smart segment to a journey.


Send Slack Message
Send a contextual Slack message to a Slack channel.
Add Trello Card
Adds a Trello card to a board.

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