Send a Delighted NPS survey 90 days after someone becomes a customer

A moment of truth in the customer journey is 90 days after someone becomes a customer. This journey helps you to find out how happy your customers are by sending an NPS survey using Delighted.

About this template

Understanding customer sentiment at key moments (e.g. 90 days after becoming a customer) in the customer journey is critical to improving your customer experience. Detractors at this point are likely to churn and correcting their problems will improve customer retention. Inversely promoters are going to be your best advocates for word of mouth and review sites. This journey is made possible by Autopilot's Delighted integration. It allows you to send NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys at exactly the right time and action customer feedback.
Tags: Customer Onboarding, Customer Retention, B2B Marketing, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Lead Nurturing
Integrations: Delighted

About Autopilot

Marketing automation helps you stay closer to your customers and saves you time by removing manual and repetitive tasks. Autopilot’s marketing automation software is the easiest way to automate and personalize your marketing across the entire customer journey. Using Triggers, Actions and Conditions design highly personal and contextual marketing automation journeys. Autopilot’s marketing automation software is free for 30 days and plans start at just $49/month.

Shapes used in this journey


Smart Segment Trigger
Add contacts on a smart segment to a journey.


Send Delighted NPS Survey
Send an NPS survey via Delighted to the contact in the journey.

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