Successfully onboard new Mailchimp subscribers

Ensure every new Mailchimp subscriber has an incredible onboarding experience.

About this template

What happens after someone becomes a Mailchimp subscriber? This journey addresses that important question. Send a beautiful email welcome sequence using Autopilot's drag and drop mobile responsive email builder, or select from one of Autopilot's pre-built email templates. Send a personalized SMS to those subscribers who don't open your emails to improve engagement. Let your team know about the new subscriber with a simple Slack notification, and add your subscribers to a list in Autopilot so you can easily manage them.
Tags: Customer Onboarding, Software as a Service (SaaS), Agencies, Bloggers, B2B Marketing, Lead Nurturing, and SMS Marketing
Integrations: Mailchimp, Slack, Twilio

About Autopilot

Marketing automation helps you stay closer to your customers and saves you time by removing manual and repetitive tasks. Autopilot’s marketing automation software is the easiest way to automate and personalize your marketing across the entire customer journey. Using Triggers, Actions and Conditions design highly personal and contextual marketing automation journeys. Autopilot’s marketing automation software is free for 30 days and plans start at just $49/month.

Shapes used in this journey


Subscribed to Mailchimp audience
Adds a contact to a journey when they are subscribed to a Mailchimp audience.


Check Email Status
Check whether a contact has interacted with an email in a specific way (e.g. opened or clicked it).


Send Email
Send a contact a personalized marketing or transactional email.
Add to List
Add a contact to a list.
Send Twilio SMS
Send a contact a personalized SMS. Capture replies and send follow-up messages based on their contents.
Send Slack Message
Send a contextual Slack message to a Slack channel.
Add Delay
Wait a specific number of minutes, hours, days or weeks before moving to the next shape.

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