Track website and email engagement

Timestamp key website and email activities to understand how engaged your contacts are.

About this template

This journey builds a foundation of information you can use to easily segment your contacts based on their engagement levels. Time stamping their interactions with both your website and emails helps support lead scoring, re-engagement campaigns and so much more!
Tags: Marketing Automation Basics, Operational, Agencies, B2B Marketing, Bloggers, Education, Financial Services, Legal Services, Software as a Service (SaaS), Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, and Lead Management

About Autopilot

Marketing automation helps you stay closer to your customers and saves you time by removing manual and repetitive tasks. Autopilot’s marketing automation software is the easiest way to automate and personalize your marketing across the entire customer journey. Using Triggers, Actions and Conditions design highly personal and contextual marketing automation journeys. Autopilot’s marketing automation software is free for 30 days and plans start at just $49/month.

Shapes used in this journey


Page Visited
Add a contact to a journey when they visit a specific page, or a page that meets some other criteria (e.g. contains a particular word).
Email Activity
Add a contact to a journey when they are sent, or interact with (e.g. open or click), any email or a specific email.


Update Field
Update a field to a specific value.
Change Score
Increases or decrease a number field by a specific amount.

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