Send an SMS AB split test

Stop guessing and instead find out exactly what boosts engagement with your SMS messages by running an AB split test.

About this template

This journey sends an SMS AB split test to a list. We recommend using a list that represents a portion of your primary list. It's a simple but effective way to run an experiment on how message copy impacts an SMS' performance. For example, you may have a hunch that personalizing a message by starting with a person's name may boost response rates (which is often does), but you want to know for sure. Once you have the data you can take action, and send the winning SMS to a larger portion of your list.
Tags: E-commerce, Customer Acquisition, Software as a Service (SaaS), B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, and SMS Marketing
Integrations: Twilio

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Shapes used in this journey


List Trigger
Add contacts on a list to a journey.


Send Twilio SMS
Send a contact a personalized SMS. Capture replies and send follow-up messages based on their contents.
AB Split
Randomly split contacts into two groups.

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