How Effin Amazing helps people win at marketing

Elizabeth Leigh in Autopilot software on 19th of Nov 2018
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How Effin Amazing helps people win at marketing

Effin Amazing is an analytics and marketing stack agency business. They're focused on helping companies expand through the implementation of purpose-built marketing tech stacks. The agency also provides courses in marketing education to teach professionals how to measure the success of their marketing activities.

Focusing on the metrics that matter

In an environment where startups and even established companies focus on the wrong metrics and track irrelevant data, Effin Amazing refocuses a business’ attention on the metrics that matter. While a company may have a multi-million dollar budget, they can fail to assign teams with applicable KPIs and may even forget to project monthly targets. Having the right systems in place is critical.

Dan McGaw, CEO and Founder of Effin Amazing, reveals that a lot of companies get caught up with a Neil Patel blog post and follow it word-for-word, no matter their type of business. “It's like well you're not an e-commerce business, you're a landscaping company. So, why the hell are you tracking like an e-commerce company?”

For many businesses, increasing conversion rates may be as simple as changing a call-to-action or tracking changes made to a web page. McGaw remembers a client who removed a single button from their website and experienced a 20 percent decline in growth. Without tracking those changes, it can be nearly impossible to know what’s working and what’s not.

This is where Effin Amazing comes in. The team starts with an audit, assesses the client’s needs and then creates a strategy to grow their business. They build out the perfect marketing stack for each client.

The “Aha!” moment

Effin Amazing’s first “Aha!” moment came from integrating Autopilot into the ultimate marketing stack. Dan admits that it was the first time they could do something “cool” with a marketing automation tool. “Autopilot had a one-to-one match to Salesforce, which nobody else was really doing. And that was like hot diggity damn, we can do something with this!”

To build their own business, Effin Amazing focuses on implementing best-of-breed integrations and a marketing strategy that aligns each team member to a core goal and a metric that matters.

Not only does Effin Amazing refer Autopilot to their clients but they also use it within their own marketing stack. Below, they have shared with us one of their very own Lead Scoring journeys, designed to capture and convert leads.

The Customer Journey

This Journey, while being advanced, can be used by any marketer, whether they be novice or professional. Simply click: "Use this template" to get the journey up and running in your marketing strategy. With Autopilot’s Annotate and Collaborate feature, Effin Amazing has detailed each element of the Lead Scoring journey so you can follow it step-by-step.

Use this Journey as your lead scoring directory to achieve the following:

  • Increase lead scores based on employment title
  • Ensure larger customers progress faster into the sales cycle
  • Enter leads into lists depending on the score benchmark
  • Contact leads who have a large Twitter following
  • Progress leads into the sales cycle when they explore key pages on your website
  • Determine an organization’s state of growth to target them effectively

Building a community of winners

The marketing industry is at its most transformative moment in time. With technology changing so rapidly, many marketers are being left behind. “No matter what, you're going to have people that are able to keep up with the technology game and stay in marketing, and you're going to have people that fall behind and lose their jobs,” predicts Dan.

To help marketers stay on top of their game, Effin Amazing recently launched a CXL Institute course called Optimising the Marketing Tech Stack. The course aims to help people learn what a stack is, how to integrate it and how to choose the right integrations for their business.

Dan also revealed that the course gives away multiple business secrets generated from years of building automated marketing stacks. “This will be a game changer of education for anyone in marketing,” says Dan.

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