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Elizabeth Leigh in Marketing automation on 7th of Nov 2018
what is marketing automation

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation software goes beyond email marketing to optimize the entire customer journey from prospect to buyer.

**Autopilot’s marketing automation definition **

“Software that enables marketers to automate repetitive tasks like sending emails, following up with leads, tracking insights and creating customer journeys. From startups to established organizations, companies of all sizes take advantage of marketing automation. It’s an essential tool for any marketer who is creating multi-channel content for an increasing user base.”

Marketing automation software replaces the manual and laborious tasks of sending one-off emails and separating your marketing journeys across multiple platforms. With marketing automation tools like Autopilot, you can integrate email, digital advertising, social media and lead generation campaigns, while also measuring the impact of the entire customer journey.

Why it’s important

In the US, marketing automation is a $3.3 billion industry and is forecast to increase 30 percent year-on-year - SharpSpring “Investor Presentation Jan 2018.”

Companies who use marketing automation software are evolving and growing faster than those who don’t. With customer journeys that automatically capture leads, nurture customers and generate repeat buyers, marketing automation software is becoming the unsung hero of professional marketers.

According to VentureHarbour, a marketer who uses marketing automation software can complete a 50-person job. After building automated journeys, a marketer can send hundreds, even thousands of personalized messages a day. This cuts down on manual labor, the hiring of multiple team members and the use of company resources.

Emailmonday’s Ultimate Marketing Automation Stats reveals that 51 percent of companies are using marketing automation software and 58 percent plan to use it in the future. “91 percent of successful users agree marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing.”

Companies that use marketing automation software, not only see a performance increase from their marketing team but also experience an increase in ROI. According to the Marketing Lead Management Report, marketing automation software can help marketers achieve a conversion rate of 51 percent and a revenue growth rate of 3.1 percent — these are actual figures cited by high-performing companies.

Marketing automation features and benefits

Here’s a list of current features and the benefits of implementing marketing automation software like Autopilot:

Customer journey creation

Build and automate repetitive marketing tasks like lead nurturing and customer onboarding. With a simple drag-and-drop interface or a library of journey templates. The customer journey makes the delivery of every message personal and contextual.

Email marketing

With in-built email marketing tools, marketing automation software allows you to communicate with your audience, transform leads into customers and customers into repeat buyers. Email marketing tools within Autopilot enable email lists management and design of intuitive email templates. The best marketing automation software allows marketers to target customers with email newsletters, lead nurturing campaigns, follow-up messages, product announcements, transactional emails and much more!

Lead management

With native CRM integrations, you can attract, capture and nurture leads by pushing them into a specific customer journey. Use lead scoring to identify the stage each lead in terms of the marketing/sales funnel. Create a content strategy that engages your target audience and use the visual canvas to design lead generation strategies with forms, Facebook ads, emails, SMS, landing pages, etc.

Multi-channel marketing

Easily send personalized messages on every channel; from Facebook to email, SMS, Google Ads and even postcards. Sending an SMS or displaying a Facebook Ad is as easy as sending an email. With Autopilot, you don’t need a technical skill set to design and publish a multi-channel journey.

Collaborate and annotate across teams

Marketers need to collaborate to achieve the best results. Autopilot’s Annotate and Collaborate feature allows teams to work together in real-time. The canvas acts as a virtual whiteboard to help teams brainstorm, draft, finalize and understand new and existing customer journeys.

Automate and integrate with apps and tasks

Integrate your existing apps to gain a richer view of the customer journey. Autopilot offers native integrations with Salesforce and Pipedrive to help you assign and update leads. Automate repetitive tasks with the most popular apps like Slack, Typeform, Twilio, Instapage and LiveChat.

Set goals and intelligent insights

Analyze every journey and compare the performance of every message. Autopilot allows you to set a goal for your team and apply lead scoring to achieve and track their progress over time.

See for yourself what makes the best marketing automation software.

Case study

As previously mentioned, companies from startups to established organizations are seeing the benefits of marketing automation software. Autopilot was the proud software of choice for Australia's Equality Campaign, which helped win the “Yes” vote for gay marriage — an unprecedented event in Australia.

Lee Steph, the Digital Campaigner at the Equality Campaign, said that Autopilot was front of mind when thinking through the digital platforms and products on the market. “Autopilot is really easy to use because it allows you to connect the dots in a really visual way...People were really interacting with the messages we sent because they were so timely.”

Learn more about how the Equality Campaign won over the hearts and minds of the Australian public.

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