Incorporate personalised SMS into your customer journeys, with Burst SMS and Autopilot

Autopilot in Marketing automation on 18th of Jun 2020
burst sms + autopilot

Incorporate personalised SMS into your customer journeys, with Burst SMS and Autopilot

Unlocking the ROI of SMS

SMS is increasingly becoming an essential part of the customer journey. As one of the most ‘immediate’ channels available, marketers have found incredible ROI when using SMS as part of their multi-channel campaigns. With Autopilot’s new Webhook functionality, you can integrate with Burst SMS today and communicate with your customers via SMS with ease.

More and more businesses are using SMS communications in their marketing strategy

The growing popularity of SMS communications with marketers is derived from the fact that text messaging comes pre-installed on every mobile device (giving SMS a natural reach of 5.1 billion active users as of 2020), and notifications come pre-activated (increasing the level of exposure to a message). SMS is also personalised and quick, yielding a 98% open rate with recipients.

Global SMS Statistics:

  • Average open rate: 98%
  • Average time to reach message recipients: 3mins
  • Average click-through rate: 10.91%

As a result, businesses are using SMS to both nurture leads and communicate with a customer base. In particular, when used as part of a multi-channel strategy, businesses can develop personal relationships with every customer by engaging them at the right time on the right channel during the customer journey. Autopilot enables businesses to do just that through automated workflows, facilitating smarter processes and delivering remarkable results.

See how you can start achieving some quick wins by delivering conversations at scale with this Burst SMS and AutoPilot Integration.

Example: Use Burst SMS to send timely reminders for overdue payments

In this journey, we're sending SMS reminders for overdue payment by routing contacts to Burst SMS through the Webhook Action shape. When a payment fails for a customer, their payment field is updated and they enter the journey. We then use SMS reminders to ensure the contact updates their payment details, and continues as a happy (paying) customer.

The Burst SMS Experience:

Burst SMS is a global messaging platform, delivering messages since 2008. They specialise in helping businesses have meaningful conversations at scale. With a Burst SMS and Autopilot webhook integration, you can leverage the Burst SMS experience:

  • 100% message delivery guarantee to recipients carrier
  • 100% delivery transparency
  • High messaging thruput
  • 24/7 customer service
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • 10+ years of innovation
  • Feature loaded
  • Dedicated account manager

You can learn more by visiting Burst SMS today.

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