Engage your contacts in a visual way, whilst getting the information you need

Autopilot in Email marketing on 22nd of Jun 2020
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Engage your contacts in a visual way, whilst getting the information you need

We’ve stepped up our engagement game, you should too.

We’ve explored using data enrichment emails before, and we highly recommend you use one if you’re not already. They’re incredibly beneficial to get information from your contacts that you otherwise wouldn’t have a source for. This could be something as simple as their method of commuting or what their favourite plant is. Okay, we’ve said it before, you probably don't need that level of detail about your contacts, but you can definitely learn a lot more about them that will help you better understand their needs and wants from your business. After all, the more you know about your customers, the better you can target and tailor your content to them, and maintain a strong and happy relationship.

Data enrichment, but not as you know it

In this updated data enrichment journey, we’ll be using the email to ask our contacts to select their preference from a number of eye-catching photos. Rather than the traditional hyperlinked option, you can capture your contacts attention and draw them in with beautiful images that when clicked, act the same way as the hyperlink would, and allow you to add your contacts’ selections to their profile in Autopilot. From here, you can target them with confidence based on what they selected, as you know they will be interested in this specific content.

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