It’s time you got personal with your marketing

Autopilot in Email marketing on 29th of Oct 2019
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It’s time you got personal with your marketing

No more batch and blast customer #2319

We’ve written about the value of content personalization before, and if you still aren’t doing it, you’re letting your business down. Content personalization involves tailoring and optimizing all of your communications so that each reader feels like they are being spoken to uniquely, not just as ‘batch and blast customer #2319.’ In fact, on average, personalized email marketing improves click-through rates by 14% and increases conversions by 10% (Aberdeen Group).

Send day and time based personalized messages

When personalizing your emails, you don’t have to stop at using your contact's first name. In this Success with Autopilot journey, we show you how to set up continuously updating custom fields that allow you to personalize a day of the week and time of day greeting. It’s a subtle touch that will catch your contacts' attention, and keep them engaged with your content. Just be sure to use the right timezone in your delay shapes, or you risk sending out a ‘good afternoon’ message when they should be receiving a cheerful morning greeting at 8 AM.

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