Convert more customers that return to your website

Autopilot in Growth hacking on 28th of Apr 2020
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Convert more customers that return to your website

You should be tracking your website interest

Contacts visit your website every day to check out what you have to offer. Typically, most of these are new visitors, however you should also have prior customers returning to buy again, or browse your other goods or services. These returning customers will spend longer on your website, averaging close to 6 minutes per visit, whilst new visitors only spend 2 and a half minutes browsing. Returning customers will also visit more pages, and are more likely to make a purchase than their newer counterparts (Neil Patel).

There’s always the opportunity to engage any contact on your website, no matter their previous experience with your business. If you’re looking for a way to target and follow up with both new and existing contacts by sending them an offer for a specific item or service they’re interested in, this Success with Autopilot journey can help you do just that.

Optimise your follow ups based on customer activity

This Managing Interest in Additional Services journey gives you the ability to track when a contact visits a page on your website, and recognise what service or product they’re interested in. Depending on if they’re an existing customer or not, and when their last booking date was, they'll be followed up with targeted, personalized messaging.

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