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Michael Sharkey on 8th of Jun 2018

Today we’re pleased to announce a new website with a brand new look that is all about you. It’s designed to be a place to share knowledge, bring our community together and tell your stories.

As part of the new website we’re also launching:

Telling your stories

Over 3 years ago we launched Autopilot. Over this time we’ve heard lots of great stories from customers. These stories have not only been inspiring, but worth sharing. We have 6 new customer stories we’re excited to release today:

  • California Closets;
  • Kindly Care;
  • Lessonly;
  • RangeMe;
  • Oscar Razor;
  • Spaceship; and
  • Camplify.

These videos focus on the story of each business and how they’re teams are using Autopilot. We hope these stories inspire you.

Explore and discover apps and integrations

We recently announced integrations for Typeform, Pipedrive, LiveChat, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. As we release more integrations we wanted a place to showcase them.

Our new integrations directory solves this problem. It gives you a place to explore and learn about the integrations that work best with Autopilot. We’ve also added journey ideas that show you all the different ways you can use each integration.

And for the first time we’re showcasing upcoming apps that we intend to launch soon. You’ll find these apps marked with “upcoming”.

Google oAuth and two-factor authentication

You can now sign up and sign into Autopilot with Google. This allows you to take advantage of two factor authentication for extra security.

24 hour live chat, now available

Email support can sometimes be too slow and requires a lot of back and forth to solve simple problems. We began trials of live chat in 2017 with a select group of customers in an attempt to fix this. We were so impressed with the response we’ve been working on making it available to all customers. Today is that day.

We have trained product specialists available in every time zone ready to help you. They can help with everything from simple questions to complex problems.

To learn more about the new ways we’re supporting customers visit our brand new support page.

We hope you enjoy the updates we are making today. We have plenty more to share with you soon. If you have any feedback or comments drop them in the comments below.

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