Behavior Based Marketing: 3 Ways To Automate and Personalize User Communication

Peter Sharkey on 24th of Apr 2015
Behavior Based Marketing Automation

Behavior Based Marketing Automation

3 Ways To Automate and Personalize User Communication

Today’s webinar featured an all-star crew giving their insights into behavior based marketing automation: Autopilot CEO Michael Sharkey, Segment Director of Marketing Diana Smith, PandaDoc CTO Serge Barysiuk, and PandaDoc VP of Marketing Lauren Alexander. They cover three concrete examples of personalizing and automating your marketing based on how people engage with your product and website. Watch it here:

You’ll learn the exact customer journeys Segment, Autopilot, and PandaDoc use to:

  • Grow product adoption with positive reinforcement
  • Turn 30-day trial leads into paying customers
  • The “Attract, Acquire, Grow” framework to convert leads faster
  • Sending targeted messages based on exactly what users are doing
  • How Segment sends your data to over 150 tools with the flick of a switch
  • Discovering the behavior milestones that drive conversion
  • How to optimize your onboarding process with questions
  • The role relevant content plays in each stage of the buying process

The behavior based marketing slide deck

Your old school MarTech stack getting you down? What were your takeaways from the webinar? How are you using behavior based marketing in your company? Let us know in the comments.

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