Lift your email personalization game with Liquid

Autopilot in Email marketing on 19th of Apr 2020
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Lift your email personalization game with Liquid

Automate your personalized offer using Liquid

We know that personalized content can deliver 5 to 8 times the ROI on marketing spend. And whilst using personalization variables such as your contact’s first name or their business name in your emails is a good start, it’s hardly groundbreaking stuff. To stand out from the crowd and ramp up your personalization efforts, try using Liquid.

Built by Shopify, Liquid is a templating language that allows you to create a set of conventions that can be used to generate dynamic content in your emails. This gives you the ability to use your contact’s details to serve content that will be relevant to them. Although it looks intimidating and like something you’d need a developer for, it’s actually simple to use. Even the most basic piece of liquid code can save you significant time in email creation, so why not start using it now?

Boost email engagement with Liquid

This Automating a Personalised Offer journey is designed to show a personalized offer to contacts that sign up for a free trial, then follow up with a targeted email.

We’ve also used Liquid in this email to dynamically update our content, based on the information in a contacts’ profile, using the fields they submitted in the form. To show each contact relevant content based on their details, we’ve used Liquid to vary the text.

For example, a user with over 10,000 contacts in their database will receive an email that says “When you need to stay in touch with thousands of contacts, things can get a little hectic.” For those with a database smaller than 2,5000 people, their email will read: “When you’re nurturing a small number of contacts, you need to put your best foot forward every time.”

We highly recommend using Liquid code to create dynamically updating emails. This way you can better engage with contacts from the moment they sign up, by speaking to them at a more personalized and targeted level.

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