Automatically check in with contacts at exactly the right time

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Automatically check in with contacts at exactly the right time

Keep in touch with NPS

We’ve talked about the importance of NPS surveys and the best ways to follow up before, but if you need a quick refresher, you can check out this blog to understand how they work. The next step is to understand how frequently to send your customers an NPS survey. You don’t want to lose touch with them, but you also don’t want to pester them every month. Keeping in touch with your customers and building a good relationship with them through email is key to understanding their experience. We’ve found that anywhere between twice and four times a year is generally the optimal send frequency, which we’ll explore how to do in the journey below.

Let automation do the work for you

This journey allows you to automatically send your contacts an NPS survey every 6 months to gauge their experience. By keeping in touch with them regularly, you can get a better insight into customer behaviour and their progress throughout the year. We’ve included an ejection pathway to ensure that as soon as these contacts are no longer active users, they’ll be removed from this journey, so that they don’t receive any further NPS surveys.

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