How to measure your customers’ experience

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How to measure your customers’ experience

The best customer satisfaction indicator

You’ve probably received an NPS survey before without really knowing what it was. NPS stands for Net Promoter Score, and they’re usually a one-question survey that focuses on the likelihood of your recommending a company or product to your friends. Since their debut in 2003, they’ve become the most popular method of collecting customer feedback, due to their simplicity and effectiveness. Scores from 1 to 10 are grouped into 3 categories: Promoter (scores of 10 & 9), Passive (scores of 8 & 7) and Detractor (scores below 6). We’ve covered them in more detail here if you need more information on how they work.

If you're not already using NPS in your marketing or sales follow ups, it’s about time you did, and we’ve got the journey to get you started.

Send the right follow up every time

In this journey, we’ll use our native Delighted integration to send out NPS surveys to customers that recently signed up. They’ll be sent this 30 days after they convert, so we know they’ve had enough time to understand and use our product thoroughly. We’ve then set up follow ups based on the score type that is submitted. You can then tailor your follow ups to ensure each customer is addressed in the best way. For example, we’ll be following up detractor responses with an email that invites them to expand on their problem, and schedules an activity with our team to personally reach out to this contact.

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