Keep your leads close, but your content closer

Autopilot in Email marketing on 11th of Nov 2019
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Keep your leads close, but your content closer

It’s a content jungle out there

It’s always a challenge to deliver new and interesting content that is valued across your entire target audience, particularly when there is so much competition. This is where gated content can come in handy to set your work apart from the rest. Gated content should feature your top-shelf pieces; the stuff that marketing dreams are made of; the ones you keep under lock and key. To access this content, leads will have to hand over some personal information to receive it, in turn generating leads for you to push towards further interaction with your product or site.

High quality content + gated access = lead magnet

When setting up your gated content, think about what type of high-value content could you could create or use to become a lead magnet. To help you get started, this Success with Autopilot journey is designed to send out a piece of content following a form submission. This journey also allows you to follow up with the contact in your favorite CRM if they haven’t interacted with your content. It demonstrates the best practice of handling gated content for lead generation, helping you to follow up with both engaged and idle contacts.

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