How to effectively sort contacts from gated content

Autopilot in Content marketing on 23rd of Sep 2020
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How to effectively sort contacts from gated content

Set your content up for success at the back end

Marketers often use gated content to capture new leads by offering valuable information in exchange for their name and email address. We’ve talked about the use and benefits of gated content before, but since anyone one can enter their email address into a form online, you need to understand who has a previous relationship with your business and who are new potential customers. If you’re promoting a new piece of gated content, you need an efficient way to collect and sort all contacts who request to download it.

Target and follow up with each type of contact appropriately

This journey is set up to capture form submissions from your gated content, and send it out to your contacts based on their previous interactions and status with your business. A series of conditions will filter these contacts based on if they’re an existing customer, a trialist, are subscribed to your newsletter, or if this is the first time they’re interacting with your content. You can then follow up with each type of contact appropriately, and route them to the correct channels.

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