Maintain a regular cadence with this simple journey

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Maintain a regular cadence with this simple journey

Consistency is key

Communicating on a regular basis with your contacts is an incredibly easy and important way to build your business’ reputation and cadence. This doesn’t require long-winded emails that go on about how you’re just checking to see if there’s anything they need, there’s a much simpler way. By sending a single educational email on a weekly basis, you can quickly and effectively establish yourself as a reputable resource and maintain a good relationship with your contacts. These weekly emails are mutually beneficial - not only do your contacts receive a weekly tip or reminder, but you also get the opportunity of regular engagement. And the best part is, you can automate the whole ongoing process with one simple journey.

Automate the weekly process with a few simple shapes

This weekly check-ins journey gives you the ability to automatically send an email to your contacts every week. This regular cadence builds the image of a reliable and consistent brand that checks in on their customers. In our example we’ve looked at a healthcare provider sending their clients a weekly posture assessment email, to remind their contacts to check their posture each week, but you can use this journey for any use case that you’d like to keep in touch with contacts. You can also easily expand this journey to include follow ups from your team when a contact replies to your email, or establish an ejection criteria if they unsubscribe for any reason.

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