Sending emails to contacts that meet multiple criteria

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Sending emails to contacts that meet multiple criteria

Filtering in journeys

In a previous Success with Autopilot article we looked at filtering contacts from a list or segment in a journey, and using a waterfall of condition checks to ensure contacts aren’t duplicated in a journey and receive multiple emails. For example, in this journey we filter contacts through a waterfall setup based on their enquiry type through a form submission.

If we were to use the journey above, contacts would only flow into the next condition if they didn’t meet the one above it.

However in some scenarios, contacts may fit into multiple categories and accordingly need to receive more than one email. Whilst it is best practice to not duplicate contacts within a journey, sometimes filtering in a journey will require contacts to flow down multiple pathways at the same time. To achieve this, you’ll need to use a different setup.

Make sure your contacts receive each piece of content relevant to them

In this journey, we’re using Condition Checks to send multiple emails to a contact when they meet more than one criteria. This shape setup will ensure that your contacts flow into multiple condition checks, to continue on an email nurture when they meet that criteria. In this example we’re looking at an educational institution that needs to send their coursework out to students studying remotely. If the students take multiple courses, they need to receive emails for each, made possible by this journey design.

If this template example resonates with you as an education provider, you can find more education insights here.

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