Create repeat customers to your e-commerce store by capturing each purchase event

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Create repeat customers to your e-commerce store by capturing each purchase event

Make the most of your customer data

Do you know when each of your customers last made a purchase, what that purchase was, whether they’re returned to your website to view a different product, and how frequently they buy? Knowing your customer is key for every successful business, and buyer behaviour data is especially valuable in the e-commerce space to not only optimize your customer touchpoints to improve conversions, but also to create loyal, repeat buyers. For example, tracking the average time between a first-time customer making an initial purchase, and revisiting the site, enables you to create an automated email with a special offer, delivered at just the right time based on your data, and prompting the customer to buy again.

By collecting all buyer data available for each purchase, you take away the guesswork and build out your customer journeys more strategically. You can also use the data specific to each individual customer so that in addition to timely communications, you’re also sending relevant, highly personalized offers that incentivise that next purchase, and the one after that.

Capture and track each purchase event

To get you started, this template captures and tracks your customers order purchase dates as soon as they are made. By connecting your Shopify store to Autopilot through Zapier, you can easily add your new order customers to your journey and identify the purchase number through a series of Conditions and Update Field shapes. When your contact has made over 5 purchases, you can use a Webhook shape to send this contact information to a custom endpoint of your choice. This journey makes it incredibly easy for you to keep track of every purchase a contact makes and share that data externally.

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