Why it’s important to maintain communication during the delivery stage

Autopilot in Lead management on 13th of May 2020
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Why it’s important to maintain communication during the delivery stage

Customer order satisfaction is the priority

If you run an online store, you know that the customer journey doesn’t end with a purchase. The packaging and shipping of a product can be as important a factor in a customer’s perception of your business as the quality of product, and so unexplained delays or poor communication around delivery have the potential to ruin a customer’s otherwise positive experience.

Accordingly, it’s important to be clear with your customers when they make an order, and update them regularly about the status and expected delivery day. In fact, 68% of online customers will review a company’s shipping policy before they place an order (UPS), and 63% say that delivery speed is significant in their product selection process.

Keep the order progress smooth

This Order Progress Updates journey gives you the ability to recognise when an order has been marked as unfulfilled, and notify your team to follow up and rectify this. If the problem persists, another follow up will be made, to ensure the order is resolved. You don’t want to cause major delays to the order for an misplaced order, so this journey can keep your team and the shipment process running smoothly.

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