The simplest way to keep track of offers

Autopilot in Email marketing on 3rd of Dec 2020
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The simplest way to keep track of offers

How are you currently managing your offers?

If you offer discounts or coupon codes or are thinking about sending them, you’ll need an efficient way to send and manage them. It’s all too easy to lose track of who you’ve sent a offer code to, particularly if you have multiple offers running at the same time.

Successfully keep track of all your offers

This ‘keeping track of offers’ journey allows you to organise, send and track your offers. By using custom fields to save the offer code to the contacts profile, along with the date it was sent to them, you’ll be able to successfully manage these offers. You can even expand this journey by using these custom fields in Smart Segments, to ensure that you’re only sending new offers to contacts who haven’t previously received one.

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