Chase up missing contact details with this simple journey

Autopilot in Lead management on 8th of Oct 2020
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Chase up missing contact details with this simple journey

Have you got all the information you need?

Collecting data from contacts can be a tricky process. Sometimes when filling out a form, a contact misspells their information, forgets to add a detail or deliberately leaves it out altogether. This can quickly lead to mistakes in your emails or in passing that information onto your integrated apps. Getting accurate information is critical for businesses operating in the legal services or finance industry for example, as you often need to draft up agreements and documents containing your contacts’ details. Thankfully, we’ve created a journey that will not only check to see if you’ve got all the information you need, but will also webhook it to your document creation platform.

Automatically check your contacts' details without hassle

With this journey, you’ll be able to automatically check a contact’s profile for the relevant details before webhooking their information when they submit an agreement creation request. After checking whether the document is for an individual or a business, we’ve waterfalled a series of conditions to ensure we have all the necessary information for the contact on hand already. If we don’t, the contact will be emailed and asked if they can send through the missing details. You could also update this journey to include an email that goes out to contacts before you webhook their information, to ensure you’ve captured all their details correctly.

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